[Day 86] The Golden Age Of Sitting Is The Golden Age Of Sudden Death
01 Laughter Is The Best MedicineListen now (37 min) | Secure your right to dopamine. Save the funny people first!
Bring Your Show: How To Write Humor For The Spoken Word By Mark Whitney Watch now (68 min) | My 2015 lecture analyzes the words of Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Brian Regan, Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Rick…
Birthing Session · Working It Out UnscriptedWatch now (19 min) | This is what a future five star stage show looks like on Day 1. Talking out new ideas for the first time in a room filled with 30…
[DAY 61] The problem with the Celebration Of Life, is that you’re the one on the easel.
Day 52 · Turns out there's an actual pig involved!
Day 40 · How my death informs my choices in my second life
Day 37 · A carrot is life. Carrot cake is death. Choose life.
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